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Pool Painting

Give your pool a new lease of life whether its fibreglass or concrete. 

We have specialist painters to do the job. 

Pool painting is a specialist field, there is no harsher environment for paint than being submerged in salt or chlorinated water in the full sun with water amplifying / magnifying its UV attacks. 

Preparation is the first key aspect in the pool painting process, once we have drained the pool it will then be pressure cleaned and sanded, McLeod's Painting will also complete minor non-structural repairs as part of our pool painting preparation.

When painting the pool we use a 3 coat system using specialised 2 pac epoxies made by Dulux, this ensures our pools are painting to the highest standard and the finish lasts as long as possible. 

We only paint pools between May to November as this is the driest part of the year. Also Cairns water table is quite close to the surface and with king tides around the Christmas period December through to April there is too much risk of water related issues during this time. 

We can help with colours as well.

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